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Corporate Branding

Making your Symbol; Credible and Trustworthy.


We amplify the meaning, mission, and vision of your company by giving it the right icon or logo representation. Your logo is your trademark. It brands your organizational behavior and reflects your company’s business practices. You are accountable for your visibility. You are accountable for the trust that you gain back from the logo and kind of visibility you create.

Our creative designers at Net808Source could help you create your logo that is suited to your company and product. We understand the importance of your logo design for your branding strategy when you start selling and marketing your product. Your logo is your brand and a symbol of your company’s credibility and reputation. Let us help you build your company and brand, order your logo from us.


  • 7371,541511 -Software Analysis and Design Services
  • 7373, 7379,541512 -Systems Integration Design Consulting
  • 7376,541513 -Computer system and Data processing
  • 334511 -Telecommunication Equipment
  • 334220/34290 -Telecommunication

EIN#: 26-3431144

  • 517110 -Wired Telecommunication Carriers
  • 518210 -Data Process, Hosting Programming
  • 541430 -Graphic Design Services
  • 541613 -Consulting Services
  • 423430 -Computer/Peripheral Equipment


  • 561621 -Security System Integration Services
  • 270000 -Communication
  • 611420 -Computer Training
  • 7379, 541591, 611519 -Other computer related


Little About Us, LLC, DBA, Unified Syntegration- is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) that offers innovative solutions in information technology. Our services are organized in four areas: Telecommunications, Healthcare IT, Web and Mobile Service, and Security System Services. With over 50 years ...
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