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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

We could help you generate more leads on the internet by putting you on top of the search engine listings.


Hawaii SEO/SEM- In the arena of online marketing, you can’t do away with competition. Due to the chances that there could be lots of internet marketers dealing with the same products to promote online, you need to equip your business with the most potent tool. To achieve optimum web presence you need to understand the rationale of search engine optimization and how beneficial this may seem to your site. Hawaii SEO/ SEM further determines the success of your online business.

Sound knowledge and adept skills enable you to utilize the most effective SEO strategies. SEO encompassed several techniques such article marketing, video marketing, link building, forum and blog commenting as well as social media marketing. With the expanse of the internet today, there are known platforms that can assist you in carrying out these strategies. However, as mentioned earlier the supreme way towards propelling in the competitive arena is to have adequate knowledge about SEO.


SEO Search Engine Optimization Article Writing

Net808Source write original articles targeted to your niche market. Action is not everything but years of experience and knowledge are. You could never rank high and appear on the first page of the search engine results if you do not know the proper techniques and tools to get what you want. We have a library of reliable books and other sources for your niche topic. Net808Source article writers have all the creativity to make your readers love your articles. We love to write facts and information. We hate spamming. Let us make your website the best source of information for your niche product. Give hungry readers information, increase your readership, and keep those qualified leads coming to your website.

Website Optimization

Design, test, evaluate, and then redesign your website! This is what we do to keep that traffic cashing in. You could convert qualified leads easily to dollars if your website contains these four important elements: search engine friendly coding, user-friendly navigation, simple yet good background colors and themes, and your website works with all browsers.

Make your website work for you. You do not have to do all the efforts of selling and explaining to your market. Let the website be your number one customer service. We utilize different layout and navigation strategies to help your visitors find what they need. The longer they stay the more possibility of cashing them into sales. Our website design reduces your cost for phone calls and monthly overhead for salary. Let your website navigation controls and buttons guide your visitors and let your web content do the talking. Enjoy semi-automation on your website design. We build sites that lessen cost and generate income.

Build your reputation

Building your reputation is one thing that most SEO companies forget to offer. Reputation is very important. This is totally different from branding. Reputation comes with the organizational behavior, practices, and culture. We could create an internet presence that already builds your reputation as a legitimate and trustworthy company. We do not just build links, we think of enhancing the value of your reputation to make it easy for you to sell your product and services. If you are suffering from a bad reputation because of one mistake, we can make things work out for you.

Link Building

We build links that lasts forever. Net808Source build links that do not contain an expiry agreement. We have our own network of blogs. We have created the network to assure the best quality but related sites for your links. You can keep track of the total number of links that we built for you. If they somehow lessen for unknown reasons, we could get them back free of charge. The links that we build are as strong as chains.

Article Submission

We can manage your internet presence. We have packages for article submission and article writing combined. However, if you find a cheaper writer that could write better than we could, then you can just hire us for the article submission task.

Article Spinning

If you already have your article and you want to submit your article manually by yourself, we offer the services for article spinning syntax of 50 to 80% originality. If you want us to write the article and then spin it for you, we have a cheaper package that you can choose. Article spinning is good for auto article submission. This will make your articles appear 80% to 100% original. This certainly eliminates the problem on plagiarism and internet spamming.

SEO Consultancy

There is no problem with limited budget. You can avail of our SEO services in Hawaii. Call us for an appointment. Our Hawaii SEO consultants have been with the business of search engine optimization for many years. You get the idea. You do the action.

Banner and Ads Promotions

We help you promote your products. We could design banners and ads for your marketing campaign. Net808Source has a team of designers and creative writers who could write strong headers and call to action phrases for you. Don’t let your visitors leave your website without buying. Put a banner and start converting your visitors to cash. Banners speak more than a thousand words. They are short description and explanation of what you do. Put your banners anywhere your target market goes and redirect them to your website.

Social Media

People often hear about social media. They do know about social media. You can see many internet marketers opening accounts in social media sites. Did they make a sale? Social media sites could just function as social media sites that are just for sharing if you do not know how to manipulate the discussion. Don’t fill your contacts inbox with sales letters and all sorts of invitation. Here, in Net808Source, we do every thing with a style. We first make a study on the social media sites’ discussions and then based our strategy from there. People are unique. They need customized strategy. You cannot perform general social media marketing tactics with the human mind and behavior.

Keywords Research

Don’t get lost in the internet. There are no highways and traffic lights in the internet. Everything goes and leaves. Make it easy for your target market to find you. Let us help you research for the right short and long tail keywords you need. Let Net808Source help you redirect search engine traffic to your landing page. Use keywords in any content that you post in your website. Keyword is the key to increasing your traffic.

Other services you need that are not written here, please call us. We do not say we cannot do it. They could just be incorporated with the other services.


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